Thursday, March 17, 2005

PyCon Lightning Talks

The lightning talks have always been one of my favorite parts of PyCon. They are an excellent way to start a conversation. It's just enough time to pitch one good idea and get people excited about it. There will be two sessions of lightning talks at PyCon this year -- Thursday after lunch and Friday after lunch. Please sign up for a talk by entering your name in the Wiki.

The first session is Thursday after lunch for 90 minutes. The second session is Friday after lunch for 60 minutes. If we could actually start a new talk every five minutes, that would be 30 talks between the two sessions. We'll have to get the speakers together and work out the logistics at lunch if it's going to work.

It would be nice to get someone to take notes on the session. It would require some lightning blogging. Can you write a sentence or two that captures the key idea of each talk and do it for each of the talks? If you can't, maybe the speaker should have been clearer about the take-home message.

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