Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Impressed with the Democrats?

Not so much. I got a fundraising call from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today. (We're on the do not call list, but I presume they called because we're registered Democrats.) The caller said they target specific races where they have a good chance of tipping the race in favor of the Democrat. It's a reasonable strategy, and I hope they succeed in getting a majority in the house.

I said I might be willing to make a contribution if they were involved in some local races in Pennsylvania. I'd rather make a local contributor where I hope to understand the issues better. The caller just wanted the money, so he evaded the question for a little. When I persisted, he asked what district I was in and put me on hold. He came back and said there was a good chance they would get involved in that race. I said I'd think about it.

I live in the 15th district in Pennsylvania, and I don't have any idea who is challenging Charlie Dent. The answer: Justin Behrens and Bob Dodge are running. The news from the Express Time today:
U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent, a freshman Republican from the Lehigh Valley, might worry about a re-election fight from Democrats now that Sgt. Justin Valera Behrens, an Iraq war veteran, has entered the race in the 15th congressional district.

But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is not prepared to make Dent's ouster a priority in 2006. The House Democratic campaign does not list Dent, among the vulnerable Pennsylvania incumbents in Congress.

I'm not so impressed with the caller. I think we both knew he was lying. Funny, though, that I get confirmation in an article published just today.

I wish Behrens well at any rate, but he needs to get a better web presence. His site has a picture of his family, a phone number, and a couple of email addresses. No content at all.

Things are looking better for Bob Casey, the one candidate I have supported this year.

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