Friday, February 24, 2006

Python Ain't Got No Wrong Notes

Django is named after Django Reinhardt. It aspires to be sublime. There is a CMS for newspapers built on top of Django called Ellington. I think the next project should be called Thelonius. (I'd say Monk, but it doesn't have the same mystique). The perfect tag line would be "Python ain't got no wrong notes."

Source: I heard a great radio interview with Phil Schaap where he recounted a story about Monk. I found it repeated on the WKCR web site:
March of '76 was Thelonious Monk. There was a guy on the air doing that standard gibberish about Monk: "and Monk, playing the wrong notes on the piano, is able to create this kind of music....". Anyway, Monk called the Columbia switchboard, and the Columbia switchboard got in touch with me and said that Thelonious Monk had called to say that we should tell the guy on the air, "The piano ain't got no wrong notes."

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