Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Python 2.5 alpha 1 released

Python 2.5 alpha 1 was released today! There are lots of new features to try -- and probably lots of new bugs to report. I'm eager to hear how it goes.

My own concern is with the compiler changes for this release. There are a handful of lingering issues, including the line number table problems I started digging into on last Friday's bug day. I fixed several bugs over the last few days, but the debugger/trace support is probably still off a little bit. There are probably a few more embarassing bugs to be found. A few weeks before release, for example, we found that the code generated for a slice with a double colon was completely wrong.

Please posts bugs to the SF bug tracker. (And I note with some glee that Fredrik has scraped all the content out of the SF bug tracker, neatly side-stepping the SF export bug that has stalled the development of a new tracker for the last couple of years.)

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