Saturday, August 26, 2006

IPod Data

My IPod holds a lot of data about what music I like. It's driven in large part by the ratings I provide, but it also records what I actually listen to. I looked at the play counts today to see what my favorite albums are (as opposed to what I think they are).

I know Sunday at the Village Vanguard, Waltz for Debby, and Getz/Gilberto would be at the top of the list, because I listen to them most mornings on the bus. I'm looking for something mellow then.

Top Jazz
  1. Charlie Parker, The Legendary Dial Masters
  2. Paul Motian, I Have the Room Above Her
  3. Madeleine Peyroud, Careless Love
  4. Tommy Flanagan, Sea Changes
  5. Tommy Flanagan, For Bird, Monk, Train, and Thad
Top Rock
  1. Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine
  2. Husker Du, Zen Arcade
  3. U2, Achtung Baby
  4. R.E.M., Murmur
  5. Modest Mouse, Good News for People Who Like Bad News
If I count by album, R.E.M. comes in with the #4 album, but I've got lots of R.E.M. albums and I listen to all of them. You can count all the songs played by artist.

Top Rock Artists
  1. R.E.M.
  2. Fiona Apple
  3. U2
  4. The Replacements
  5. The Pixies

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