Monday, November 06, 2006

Recent Reading

NeverwhereNeil GaimanJune 15, 2007
PersuasionJane AustenJune 5, 2007
The Ethics of What We EatPeter Singer and Jim MasonMay 31, 2007
The Wild TreesRichard PrestonMay 20, 2007
The Best and the BrightestDavid HalberstamMay 14, 2007
The Amber SpyglassPhilip PullmanApril 20, 2007
The Subtle KnifePhilip PullmanApril 14, 2007
The Golden CompassPhilip PullmanApril 1, 2007
Against the DayThomas PynchonMarch 2007
It took a long time, but I enjoyed it.
Greek ReligionWalter BurkertSept. 2006
Arthur and GeorgeJulian BarnesOct. 2006
The Complete Greek Tragedies, Vol 1
The Oresteia, Prometheus Unbound
AeschylusOct. 2006
The Library of Greek MythologyApollodorus, trans. Robin HardMid Oct. 2006
City of GlassPaul AusterOct. 30, 2006
The Inheritance of LossKiran DesaiNov. 2, 2006
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and ClayMichael ChabonNov. 14, 2006


Anonymous said...


If you enjoy ancient Greek writtings (which some of are indeed unbelievably amazing), then I highly recommend Thoukydides (history of the Peloponesian War).

If you haven't already read that, it is extremely insightful.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

So, you read The Wild Trees...

No photos in your copy - right?

Here, try these:

Atlas Grove and Grove of Titans

Hope the photos are of interest, if you like redwood trees.


M. D. Vaden