Monday, February 26, 2007

PyCon Pictures

My first Python conference was almost ten years ago, at a hotel in downtown San Jose. Guido introduced Python 1.5 that year, and Jim Hugunin introduced JPython. I ran the very first lightning talks session. Ten years later, there are still a lot of familiar faces, but the conference is much bigger. The community is larger and their interests more diverse. The keynote speakers were variously engaging and entertaining, probably equally Randy Pausch's talk in 2000.

I attended a few talks, fixed a few bugs, and got a chance to re-engage with Python development. I have had little time for Python since 2.5 was released and the compiler rewrite finished. I'm looking forward to a full sprint day to get some code written. I had hoped to fix some obscure bugs, but Armin Rigo's bug reports were too obscure to get to the bottom of with just an hour's study.

A small group of python-devers and Googlers had an over-the-top dinner at the Mansion on Turtle Creek.

I've collected a few PyCon pictures over the week, snapshots of friends, speakers, and other Pythonistas. Update: I added a few pictures from the sprints on Monday (2/26/07).


Fuzzyman said...

Nice pictures Jeremy (better than mine). The 'XXX' is Andrzej Kryzwda (by the way...)


Grzegorz Staniak said...

Isn't the name rather Krzywda, not Kryzwda?

Jack Diederich said...

Something odd either on blogger or planet python made this post "new" again.